D1 vs. D2: Free Ride or Walk-On?

Choosing between a full ride to a D2 school or walking on to a power 5 D1 school – the ultimate dilemma!

A friend is torn between a full ride at a D2 school and walking on at a power 5 D1 school. What should he choose?


  • D2 offers playing time and free education, while D1 walk-on is a bet on oneself.
  • If not going pro, a free degree from D2 is valuable.
  • Starting at D2 and transferring to D1 after excelling is a strategy.
  • Exploring NIL potential and career connections also play a role in the decision.

Rise of D2

D2 schools not only provide playing time but also an opportunity to excel and make the leap to D1 with standout performances. The value of a free education cannot be overlooked in the long run.

Walk-On Wisdom

Walking on to a power 5 D1 school requires immense belief in oneself and a readiness to fight for a spot. It’s a pathway that demands dedication and perseverance, but the rewards can be significant.

Decision Dilemma

Ultimately, the decision boils down to personal aspirations and confidence in one’s abilities. Each path offers unique opportunities and challenges that can shape a player’s future in different ways.