Cypher Pickleball Shoes Review: Buyer Beware

Discover the truth about Cypher Pickleball shoes – did they live up to the hype or fall short?

You’ve probably seen them on Instagram. The great looking, “Cypher Pickleball” shoes. The ones in blue. I was so impressed with the quality and style of the shoe when they were pulled out of the box, which were sent in a timely manner, but after trying them on, it was obvious that I had ordered the wrong size. Here’s where the story goes from joy to frustration. I sent 3-4 emails to their customer service, no response. I tried to contact them via Instagram messenger, no response. There’s no phone number available. I commented on IG about my problem, and IG ghosted me to the Cypher Pickleball site. I guess my warning to you is pick the right size, because they will ignore you otherwise.


  • Quality and style of Cypher Pickleball shoes initially impressed the buyer
  • Lack of response from customer service led to frustration and disappointment
  • Issues with sizing and communication resulted in a negative experience for the buyer
  • Buyer warns others to be cautious and ensure the right size is chosen
  • Manufactured1986’s Comment

    “Credit card chargeback” suggested as a possible solution to the buyer’s situation.

    gobluetwo’s Comment

    Questions the timeline of the buyer’s experience and offers advice on potentially giving the brand more time.

    003E003’s Comment

    Advises against jumping to conclusions and provides context on challenges faced by startups in maintaining customer service.

    athleticsbaseballpod’s Comment

    Clarifies the definition of being “ghosted” and offers guidance on contacting businesses through appropriate channels.