Custom Fitted Golf Ball Retriever: Expert Advice You Need to Know

Getting custom fitted for a golf ball retriever? Learn what the experts say about the best shafts, grips, and more!

Have you ever thought about getting custom fitted for a golf ball retriever? Well, one Reddit user seeks advice from the golfing community on this unique endeavor. Let’s see what the experts have to say!


  • Consider upgrading the shaft and opting for puring.
  • Look for forged heads for a premium feel.
  • Ensure a comfortable grip is a top priority.
  • Some recommendations lean towards specific brands like Mizuno, Callaway, or Taylormade.

Expert Advice on Golf Ball Retrievers

One user highlights the importance of wrist-to-floor measurement during fitting is crucial, suggesting taking your business elsewhere if this step is overlooked.

Optimal Features for Golf Ball Retrievers

Another user advocates for Mizuno or Callaway ball retrievers for forgiveness and feel, with the option of Taylormade stiff shaft for more advanced players. They emphasize the value of testing options at a golf store simulator.

Additional Considerations

Upgrade advice continues with recommendations to consider puring and selecting forged heads for a premium feel when using the retriever. Focusing on comfort, users emphasize the importance of a comfortable grip to enhance your experience.

Custom fitting your golf ball retriever might just be the key to improving your game. With advice ranging from shaft upgrades to grip comfort, the expert insights from the Reddit community shed light on the essential features to consider. So, before you head to the golf course for your next round, make sure your golf ball retriever is tailored to fit your game perfectly.