Could Low Testosterone Men Take Over Women’s Basketball? Reddit’s Wild Speculation

Older men joining women’s basketball due to low testosterone levels sends Reddit into a frenzy.

A Reddit user poses a wild scenario where older men with low testosterone levels could potentially qualify to play in women’s basketball, leading to a heated discussion.


  • Speculation on older men joining women’s basketball due to low testosterone levels.
  • Outlandish ideas emerge about dads taking over college and professional women’s basketball.
  • Some users express disbelief and ridicule towards the original post.

Speculative Mayhem

The Reddit post delves into a hypothetical scenario where older men, despite not being transgender, could meet testosterone requirements to play in women’s basketball. This outrageous suggestion sparks a contentious debate among users, igniting varied reactions.

Pushback and Humor

Comments range from incredulity and admonishment to sarcastic banter. Some users criticize the far-fetched nature of the proposal, while others inject humor into the discussion by making outlandish comparisons, like cultivating basketball-specialized dogs for NCAA domination.

Reality Check

Amidst the uproar, a few users offer insightful perspectives, highlighting the significance of skill over physical attributes in sports like basketball. They emphasize that exceptional performance in basketball requires more than just physical prowess, debunking the notion of testosterone levels as the sole determinant of success.

The diverse responses demonstrate the Reddit community’s ability to engage in whimsical yet thought-provoking conversations, blending humor with critical thinking to dissect absurd scenarios. While the initial premise may seem outlandish, the ensuing dialogue showcases a spectrum of reactions, from skepticism to amusement, illustrating the platform’s dynamic nature.