Controversy Surrounding Knicks’ Free Throw Discrepancy with Embiid

NBA fans debate the 19 free throw attempts for the Knicks compared to Embiid’s 21.

There’s been a heated discussion in the NBA community regarding the recent game where the Knicks had 19 free throw attempts, while Embiid alone had 21. Some fans are expressing frustration over the perceived unfairness of the situation.


  • Embiid’s high free throw attempts have sparked debates around fairness in officiating.
  • Some fans believe there is a discrepancy in foul calls favoring certain players.
  • Concerns have been raised about the integrity of the game and player safety.

Fans’ Reactions

One user expressed disbelief, stating, ’50 points on 13 made shots is vile bro.’ Others, like IsaacDPOYFultzMIP, highlighted concerns about player safety, commenting, ‘Embiid broke my leg and got free throws for it.’ AlaskaFishGuy lamented, ‘What happened to the game I love,’ indicating a sense of disappointment.

Debate on Officiating

There are differing opinions on the impact of referees’ decisions. While some, like LamarMVPJackson, attribute the issue to player behavior, arguing, ‘It’s a player problem mostly, not a ref problem, but they need to call it fairer,’ others criticize the officiating itself.

Final Thoughts

The disparity in free throw attempts between teams has ignited passionate discussions among NBA fans. Whether it’s a matter of officiating fairness, player conduct, or the integrity of the game, one thing is clear – the debate rages on.