Controversy over Fans Not Wanting Their Team to Beat Man City

Why are some Spurs fans reluctant for their team to defeat Man City?

When it comes to helping your rivals, some fans aren’t interested in doing so.


  • Teams intentionally losing matches to prevent rivals from winning.
  • Emotions run high when it involves major competitors like Man City, Liverpool, and Arsenal.
  • Fans prioritize their dislike for certain teams over logic or sportsmanship.
  • The dilemma of supporting your team versus hindering your rival.

Insights from Fans

Spurs fans express conflicting emotions towards upcoming matches against Man City.

Perception of Rivalry

Fans weigh the importance of winning versus denying success to disliked rivals.

Sentiments on City’s Dominance

City’s success amplifies the intensity of rivalries and fan reactions.

What Winning Means

Differing viewpoints on team priorities and the impact of match outcomes.