Controversy as John Tonje Flips Commitment from New Mexico to Wisconsin

Drama unfolds as a basketball player changes his commitment from New Mexico to Wisconsin.

In the world of college basketball, commitment changes are always a hot topic. When John Tonje decided to switch from New Mexico to Wisconsin, the reactions came pouring in.


  • Fans express disappointment and suspicion over the commitment flip.
  • Speculation arises about potential reasons behind the decision, including financial incentives.
  • Concerns emerge about the impact on both teams and the player’s performance.
  • Comments highlight the competitive nature and complexities of college basketball recruiting.

Reactions and Speculation

Some users expressed their disappointment, with one stating, ‘Don’t care what anyone says that’s low. Oh well.’ Others speculated about possible reasons for the flip, questioning if more money was involved.

Impact on Teams and Performance

Discussion also focused on how the transfer would affect the teams involved. One user raised concerns, asking, ‘So we have two players now?’ There were also comments about the player’s performance and his status as a recruit.

Competitive Nature of Recruiting

Amidst the controversy, users highlighted the competitive dynamics of college basketball recruiting. One user described the situation as ‘Gard playing the dirty game,’ emphasizing the complexities and challenges in the recruiting process.

The unfolding drama serves as a reminder of the intense competition and uncertainties in college basketball commitments.