Controversial Foden Slip Leading to Man City Free Kick: What Reddit Has to Say

Discover why Reddit is buzzing about a controversial Foden slip during a Man City match.

Reddit users are abuzz over a controversial moment involving Foden during a Man City match. Was it a slip or a tactical play?


  • Users question the fairness of the free-kick awarded to Man City.
  • Some believe the VAR should have intervened.
  • Comparisons between PL and Serie A referees spark debate.

Controversy Over Foden Slip

Many fans pointed out the dubious nature of the free-kick given to Man City after Foden’s slip, questioning the referee’s decision.

VAR Intervention

Users debated whether VAR should have reviewed the incident, suggesting it could have changed the outcome.

PL vs. Serie A Referees

A comparison between Premier League and Serie A referees led to discussions about the officiating standards in different leagues.