Controversial Brighton Penalty Shout Sparks Outrage Among Fans

Fans express disbelief over a contentious penalty decision against Manchester City.

Unbelievable drama unfolded as Brighton’s penalty shout against Manchester City set the internet on fire with outrage and disbelief.


  • Outrage over a potential penalty call that could have changed the game’s outcome.
  • Fans baffled by the inconsistency in refereeing decisions during the match.
  • Comparison drawn between past penalty calls and the controversial decision at hand.

Fans React

One user questioned the referee’s decision-making, stating, “Not that it would’ve made any difference but how is that not an easy pen? Gvardiol clips Pedro from behind to bring him down without even challenging for the ball.”

VAR Controversy

Another fan expressed frustration, saying, “Is VAR drunk?” highlighting the questionable officiating decisions throughout the game.

Referee Criticism

A fan slammed the referee, commenting, “What a [expletive] Gillett is,” showcasing the intense emotions stirred by the controversial call.

The match’s intensity and the pivotal moment of the penalty shout left fans in a frenzy of disbelief and frustration, as the outcome had a significant impact on the game’s dynamics. The incident sparked debates and discussions, igniting a firestorm of differing opinions on social media platforms.