Connor McDavid Makes NHL History with 100 Assists in a Single Season

McDavid’s record-breaking achievement wows fans and sparks debate in the hockey community.

Connor McDavid’s remarkable feat of achieving 100 assists in one season has hockey enthusiasts buzzing with excitement.


  • McDavid joins an exclusive club of NHL legends with his 100 assists.
  • Fans are in awe of McDavid’s achievement, with comparisons to Gretzky’s records.
  • Debate stirs over the significance of McDavid’s accomplishment in a single game.
  • Oilers’ performance highlights McDavid’s exceptional playmaking skills.

Impressive Feat

McDavid’s milestone of 100 assists in a season places him among the elite players in NHL history, a group previously dominated by legends like Gretzky, Lemieux, and Orr. The rarity of this achievement has fans marveling at McDavid’s playmaking prowess and drawing parallels to the greats of the sport.

Controversial Game

While McDavid’s accomplishment is undeniably exceptional, some fans express mixed feelings about the game in which he achieved it. The Oilers’ lopsided victory against the Sharks prompts debate about the significance of McDavid’s record-breaking performance in such a matchup, raising questions about the level of competition and sportsmanship.

Fan Reactions

Enthusiastic supporters celebrate McDavid’s feat, relishing the opportunity to witness history being made on the ice. The excitement and pride in being part of this momentous occasion shine through in the comments, with fans expressing amazement at the skill and dedication displayed by McDavid and the Oilers.

The buzz around McDavid’s achievement underscores the passion and fervor that fans have for the sport of hockey, as they come together to share in the joy of witnessing greatness unfold on the rink.