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Company Profile: PURE Grips

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It’s not everyday you come across a new grip worth talking about, but today that’s all going to change. PURE grips have taken something most golfers have thought peaked in terms of tech, and truly revolutionized and re-thought the entire golf club gripping process. If these grip aren’t on your Christmas list this year… they should be.

What Exactly are PURE Grips?

PURE grips are a product of some passionate golfers looking to re-think an often overlooked element of golf equipment. Their passion lead them to build a golf grip that is consistently tacky, holds up under pressure, all-weather, great durability, fantastic feel and comfort, with the easiest installation of a grip ever conceived. This grip, is truly a better grip.

Easy Installation?

While for the majority of golfers, this fact may not really matter: but PURE grips are installed without tape, and without solvents. But when it comes to the do-it-yourself tinkerer or golf shops, this is a huge benefit. PURE grips are ingeniously designed to use air pressure to attached themselves to shafts. No more smelly solvents, sticky tape, ruined clothes, and messy clean up required. Just pressurized air and a 75% reduction in re-gripping time. Not to mention, no need to wait for the tape/solvent to dry to use your sticks. It’s pretty incredible tech.

These grips work on any steel or graphite shaft, and use the combination of the elasticity of the rubber, air pressure and friction to firmly grip the shaft in a way that will never twist or slip. Mis-aligned your grips? Simply use the Custom Installation Attachment, pump the grip full of air, re-align, release and hit the range, it’s as simple as that.

Check out this video for more details:

The Grips

hank-teaching-imageInterestingly, when you remove the tape on the grips, you then are required to make up for the fact that you can’t just ‘add another wrap’ to make your grips thicker, and thusly, PURE has a variety of grips and grip widths to choose from (not to mention colors).

PURE offers grips in a variety of firmnesses, thicknesses, and styles, enough for golfers of all skill levels and swing styles. They offer softer wrap styles, to rougher cord like designs, they also have putter grips available for your favourite flatstick.

PURE also lets you customize your grip and color. They offer 7 different rubber colors, and 10 custom paint colors. If you really want to customize you can also add custom graphics to your grips.

Price wise, these grips are no more expensive than standard grips (cheaper actually). $139.99 for a set of 13 grips – equating to a little more than $10/grip, including customizations. Not shabby at all, when you consider all the tech you’re getting with it.

See their full product lists here: http://www.puregrips.com/grips

PURE also has Hank Haney on their pro roster, which ain’t a bad guy to have vouching for you. See what he has to say below:

All in all, PURE grips have made a great name for themselves in an incredibly short period of time, and sort of put the other grip manufacturers to shame with finally developing a grip that doesn’t require solvent and tape. Kudos to PURE, and we hope to see many great new things to come from you guys!

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