Columbus Crew to Host Club América in 2024 Campeones Cup – Fan Reactions

Excitement and skepticism mix as fans react to Columbus Crew hosting Club América.

Excitement and skepticism fill the air as fans react to the Columbus Crew hosting Club América in the 2024 Campeones Cup.


  • Fans show enthusiasm for Columbus hosting Club América
  • Some fans doubt the authenticity of the report
  • Humorous comments add fun to the discussion

Glory to Columbus

Fans are overjoyed with the prospect of Columbus hosting a prestigious rival like Club América. The stars in the emoji-filled comments are an accurate depiction of their excitement level.

Skepticism Rises

Despite the apparent joy, some users express doubt about the credibility of the report. User MikiLove questions the term ‘report,’ suggesting a lack of official confirmation.

The Important Multi-League Title

One user humorously declares the Campeones Cup as the most vital multi-league title, showcasing a hint of sarcasm and wit in the discussion.

Reports of the Campeones Cup’s demise are refuted by Dodger_Dawg, adding a touch of humor and intrigue to the ongoing banter.