Colts Sign DeForest Buckner to Lucrative Extension: Fan Reactions!

The Colts secure DeForest Buckner with an extension. See how fans react to this news and the impact on the team!

The Indianapolis Colts have signed DeForest Buckner to a two-year, $46 million contract extension, sparking varied responses from NFL fans.


  • Fans express mixed feelings about the Colts’ decision to extend DeForest Buckner’s contract.
  • Many feel the 49ers made a mistake trading Buckner.
  • Some fans see the extension as a mutually beneficial deal for both sides.
  • There is speculation about the impact on the Colts’ roster and potential future moves.

Responses to the Extension

One fan expressed frustration, stating, ‘twist the knife why don’t you… dumbest decision the current 49ers front office made was trading this man.’ Others, like Luck1492, showed immense support with ‘I would die for this man. Awesome deal for both sides.’ Mich3006 highlighted the potential by mentioning, ‘Imagine the Colts would‘ve gotten Danielle Hunter too, they would’ve been legit imo.’

Differing Opinions

While some, including FancyRobot, believe the Niners erred in trading Buckner, Enchanted-2-meet-you sees the silver lining as the draft pick was used to select Aiyuk. zco22 praised the extension, calling Buckner ‘a beast.’

Financial Considerations

Several fans, like sunburn95, analyzed the contract details, noting that the deal keeps Buckner’s earnings close to his current level. They view it as a fair arrangement given his performance and age.