Colorado RB Rashad Amos Transfers to Ole Miss: Reddit Reactions

Users question the future of Colorado’s running back room after Rashad Amos’ transfer to Ole Miss sparks discussion on player transfers and team dynamics.

Colorado running back Rashad Amos’ transfer to Ole Miss has stirred up a storm of speculation and humor among Reddit users. Read on to uncover the sentiments and insights from the online golf community.


  • Amos’ transfer prompts discussions on running back dynamics and team rosters
  • Reddit users humorously question Amos’ journey through different schools
  • Speculations arise on Amos’ playing time and role in the new team

Users’ Speculations

Users express varied opinions on Rashad Amos’ decision to transfer, questioning the depth of Ole Miss’ running back roster and the impact of Amos joining the team. Some joke about the number of RBs on the team, while others ponder Amos’ future at the new school.

Colorado’s Running Back Room

Reddit users note concerns about the state of Colorado’s running back room post-Amos’ departure, highlighting the potential challenges the team may face with limited options in the RB position.

The Transfer Portal Frenzy

Some users compare the transfer portal to addictive substances, humorously commenting on the fast-paced nature of player movements in college football. The discussion extends to the dynamics of player transfers and their impact on team composition.