College Football 2025 Video Game Discussion Guidelines Revealed by /r/CFB

Discover the guidelines for discussing College Football 2025 in the /r/CFB subreddit and how users are reacting to them.

Excitement and skepticism surround the upcoming release of the College Football 2025 video game, check out the guidelines set by /r/CFB mods for discussions!


  • Rules established for discussion around the College Football 2025 video game
  • Debate on what content should be allowed on the subreddit
  • Users express varying levels of interest and skepticism

Reactions and Excitement

Users showcase a mix of enthusiasm and doubt regarding the upcoming video game release. Some are eager to delve into virtual college football once again, while others question the relevance of game-related content in the subreddit.

Moderation Guidelines

The subreddit’s guidelines aim to strike a balance between allowing relevant game discussions and maintaining the focus on real-world college football. Users weigh in on the necessity of these rules and their potential impact on the community.

User Perspectives

From establishing dynasties to critiquing perceived overindulgence, users share their diverse viewpoints on the video game’s integration into the subreddit. The community navigates between excitement for the game and the desire to preserve the subreddit’s original essence.