Cobra Bio Cell Line-Up For 2014

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. Someone, we’re not sure who took the liberty of posting the full 2014 Cobra Golf catalogue online (Cobra staffer maybe?). Anyway, we’ve got all the details on the new line, and we think you’re going to like what you see.  To add to this, the USGA also just recently approved the new Bio Cell Driver as a conforming driver.  So expect to see these a demo shops near you in the spring.  Here’s the nitty gritty:

The Cobra Bio Cell+ Driver

Like the cell before it, the new driver had the MyFly8 adjustable loft technology, that offers the golf a choice of 8 different trajectories to help optimize their ideal launch conditions. Cobra also are using an Venollum allow crown instead of titanium which helped them lower the CG of the driver quite significant (50%) compared to other titanium driver.  This change helps get the ball airborne fast, with less spin according to the brochure.  Cobra also did some work on the clubface, they call it Forged E9 BiO CELL Face technology which thins the face and repositions this weight where you need it most to improve overall MOI. 440 CC clubface and a Matrix Red-tie 6Q3 shaft. Starting a 9 degrees and as high as 12 degrees in X, S and R.

Available January 15.

MSRP: $500.00
MAP: $399.00

Bio Cell+ Driver 2014 Cobra

The Cobra Bio Cell Driver

The Bio Cell driver features a nearly identical design to its + brethren, with the exception of the Venollum crown (the Bio Cell is all titanium) and a 460CC size head.  This driver features a stock Project X – PXv440 shaft and also starts at 9 degrees and as high as 12 degrees and is available in X flex, S, R and Lite. We also pictured the women’s version below.

Available January 15.

MSRP: $375.00
MAP: $299.00

Cobra Bio Cell Driver Specs


The Cobra BiO Cell Fairway Woods

Like the drivers, the fairway woods also includes the myFly8 technology with Smartpad technology. This clubface is a forged, thin steel face insert for more face flex and a faster ball speeds and higher trajectory, which also features the new BiO cell technology which positions even more weight to the heel and toe of the club improving MOI at impact. The fairway woods are available in a wide variety of lofts (from 13-20 degrees) with a Project X – PXv X, S, R, Lite shaft option.

Available January 15, 2014

MSRP: $275.00
MAP: $219.00


The Cobra BiO Cell Irons

The Cobra BiO Cell irons definitely have some testosterone in their look with strong metallic features, including a large cavity.  The mid-long irons feature a heavy tungsten weight in the heel and toe, whereas the short irons have tungsten centered behind the hitting area for some added distance and control.  These new irons feature the largest unsupported face of any Cobra iron which helps create more face flex at impact for a dramatic increase in distance. The lofts of these irons are a couple degrees strong. These irons feature a stock True Temper Dynalite 85 shaft.


Available January 15, 2014

Steel MSRP: $875
Steel MaP: $699
Graphite only available in custom options.




The Cobra BiO Cell Hybrids

Like the rest of the line-up, the hybrids are jammed packed with the same technology in a small tight package. The hybrids feature the same face tech and MyFly8 tech and are available in a wide variety of lofts from 16 – 25 degrees. We also pictured the women’s version below.

Available January 15, 2014

MSRP: $240.00
MAP: $189.00




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  1. Thanks for the review.

    I’ve been using the AMP Cell for over 12 months now and really love it. I like the look of the new Bio Cell especially in the black.

    If it’s any sort of improvement on the AMP Cell then it’s a must for me to go and try out.

    Cobra has really come a long way in drivers in the last 12 months. Great line of clubs!

  2. I concur with Troy, I have been with the amp cell driver for a full season and love it. The new Bio Cell looks great but for me to buy it, it better be a lot longer than my current Cell.

    I am looking forward to the fairway woods more than anything, my Amp Cell 3-4 few is good but not great perhaps the Bio will be wuhat I need.

    The Bio Cell irons look dreadful, only way I would bag them is if they were pure majic in my hands. Cobra is going backwards in the R and Darea

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