Cobra AMP Fairway Wood Review

amp-fairway-woodsHi everyone, thanks for stopping by today. Today we’ll take a closer look at the Cobra AMP 3-wood, this new line has already made some noise on Tour, let alone visually.


The Cobra AMP fairway wood features a light gray crown with a chrome sole. The club is accented with Cobra’s signature orange color on the sole and grip. This club utilizes Adjustable Flight Technology with three face angle settings in an open, neutral and closed position. The club face features a black insert and is said to have a 30% larger sweet spot (a claim that I for one am I little tired of). Moving on…


I tested the 15 degree fairway wood in the stock Cobra RIP shaft with a stiff flex in the neutral club head position. Cobra positioned weight back in the club head to improve ball flight. I noticed a particularly high ball flight when testing the fairway wood. In fact, I spent a fair bit of time shaft swapping to try and lower the trajectory.  The AMP fairway is easy to hit and the distance felt average. The AMP performed solid off the ground and was very consistent off the tee.  Overall I found that this club performed very well, if not too well for my game. I got the impression the club was really built to help the average player get the ball airborne and on line – while still allowing for a little bit of workability and shot shaping.


The AMP fairway wood features a D3 swing weight with a 55 gram stock Cobra RIP shaft. While impact felt solid, the club appeared to swing very light for my personal preference. However, a lighter shaft will help increase swing speed and create a higher launch for increased carry distance for players needing the boost. I switched to a heavier shaft which helped lower my ball flight and give the club a heavier feel. Overall, the AMP produced some nice shots, especially after I found the best shaft combination for my swing. The AMP did a fantastic job getting the ball up in the air.


This fairway wood is priced under the competitors with a reasonable $199.99 retail value. That is at least $30 less than most of the other adjustable fairway woods on the market, and $100 less than most. The Cobra features a fresh and trendy appearance that will certainly catch your attention. The club performs very solid and with the lower price tag the AMP fairway rates in very well in the value department.

If you’re in the market for a fairway wood that can help take your game to the next level without breaking the bank, definitely give the AMP line a solid look.

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