Cleveland Golf introduces a couple new additions to CG Black line

Hello – and thanks for stopping by! Today we’re happy to let you know that Cleveland Golf is adding a couple of additions to it’s 2015 CG Black line. As you might know, the CG Black line of woods and irons is designed specifically for women, seniors and players with slower swing speeds. Cleveland has now added a new CG Black Custom driver as well as new CG Black CB irons to the lineup. These clubs are currently available for pre-order and will start rolling into retails stores on February 13th.

Here’s more about each new club…

The CG Black Custom driver is lightweight and adjustable, engineered for amateur golfers with better scores. This club is optimized for golfers who have a swing speed between 85 mph and 105 mph. You should find the CG Black Custom driver to be one of the lightest drivers on the market. The CG Black Custom driver offers adjustable lofts ranging from 9° to 12°, and comes standard with a Mitsubishi® Bassara E50 graphite shaft. You should be able to get your hands on one of these for $399.99.

The new CG Black CB irons were designed with better amateur golfers with swing speeds ranging from 85 mph to 105 mph in mind. The CG Black CB irons were developed for players who prefer to work the ball toward the flag stick, but still want plenty of forgiveness. Designed with a premium black finish, the CG Black CB irons are offered with a Nippon® NS Pro 1050 GH steel shaft (looking at $699.99) or a UST® Recoil 660/670 graphite shaft (looking at $799.99).

Picture courtesy of Cleveland Golf.

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