Cleveland Cavaliers Dismiss Coach JB Bickerstaff: Fan Reactions and Speculations

The Cavaliers’ decision to dismiss coach JB Bickerstaff sparks mixed reactions among NBA fans.

After leading the Cavaliers to the conference semifinals, coach JB Bickerstaff has been dismissed, leaving fans with varied opinions and hopes for the team’s future.


  • Speculation on Donovan’s future with the team.
  • Appreciation for Bickerstaff’s coaching abilities.
  • Mixed reactions to the decision with concerns over the next coaching hire.

NBA Coaches vs. Shams Charania”s Kiss of Death

“NBA coaches are 0-3 vs. the Shams Charania ‘kiss of death’ offseason articles,” one Reddit user humorously points out, raising the superstition surrounding coaching predictions.

Donovan Might Stay

Some fans believe that the dismissal of Bickerstaff hints at Donovan’s potential continuity with the team, adding a layer of uncertainty.

Fan Expectations

There are diverse expectations among fans for the next coach’s ability to effectively lead the team and run successful offensive plays.

This decision to part ways with Bickerstaff has left Cavaliers fans in anticipation and apprehension as they await the next chapter for their beloved team.