Chicago Bears’ Surprising Pick: Rome Odunze, WR, Washington

Discover the fan reactions to the Chicago Bears’ unexpected draft pick of Rome Odunze.

Chicago Bears fans were left in disbelief after the team’s surprising choice in the draft. The selection of Rome Odunze, WR from Washington, sparked a mix of emotions and reactions across the subreddit.


  • Chicago Bears’ draft pick of Rome Odunze shocks fans.
  • Fans humorously question the team’s decision-making.
  • Comparisons and jokes with other NFL teams’ draft choices surface.

Unexpected Pick

Many fans expressed disbelief and confusion over the Bears selecting Odunze as their ninth-round pick. Some even questioned if there was an error in the announcement.

Funny Reactions

The subreddit was filled with humorous comments, with fans poking fun at the Bears’ decision and sharing memes related to the draft pick.

Comparisons and Jokes

Users couldn’t resist comparing the Bears’ draft strategy to other teams, highlighting the eccentricity of the NFL draft season.

Overall, the unexpected selection of Rome Odunze by the Chicago Bears created a wave of amusing and bewildered responses, showcasing the passionate and quirky nature of NFL fandom.