Chicago 13.1 Race Report: A Journey of Endurance and Unexpected Twists

Follow the humorous recount of a runner’s first half-marathon in Chicago, filled with internal monologues and unexpected challenges.

A runner shares their hilarious journey through their first half-marathon in Chicago, detailing the highs and lows of their race experience.


  • The runner’s humorous internal monologue during Miles 10-12 provided insights into the mental challenges of long-distance running.
  • Pre-race obstacles like street closures added unexpected hurdles to the runner’s experience.
  • Despite challenges, the runner’s perseverance and training paid off with a faster finish time than expected.
  • The runner’s post-race reflections highlighted the value of gratitude and learning from each race experience.

Miles 1-4: A Crowded Start and Scenic Routes

The runner faced a crowded start but enjoyed the scenic parks along the course, facing challenges like forgetting sunscreen early on.

Miles 5-9: Pushing Through Challenges

After passing the 2:15 pacers, the runner maintained a good pace, dealing with boredom and fatigue in later miles.

Miles 10-12: Mental Games and Endurance

During this stretch, the runner engaged in a quirky mental game to distract from the monotony, showcasing the mental fortitude required in long-distance running.

Mile 13 (+0.1): The Final Stretch

The runner navigated physical discomfort and unexpected signs near the finish, embracing the last moments of the race with a fitting song playing.

A journey filled with unexpected twists and personal triumph, the race report captures the essence of endurance sports, where challenges meet humor and perseverance leads to self-discovery.