Charles Barkley Contemplates Leaving TNT: Will He Make a Slam Dunk Move?

Charles Barkley considers leaving TNT if NBA rights are lost. Fans speculate on potential network changes and favorite personalities.

Charles Barkley is contemplating leaving TNT if it loses its NBA rights. This decision has sparked discussions among fans about potential network changes and the fate of beloved personalities.


  • Charles Barkley hints at a possible exit strategy from TNT if NBA rights are lost.
  • Fans are speculating on which network could potentially pick up the iconic Inside the NBA crew.
  • Concerns arise about the future of other TNT personalities like Ernie, Kenny, and Shaq in light of Barkley’s statement.

Charles Barkley’s Bold Move

Charles Barkley’s statement about potentially leaving TNT if it loses its NBA coverage has sent shockwaves through the basketball community. Fans have mixed reactions to this news, with some supporting Barkley’s decision to secure his options while others are concerned about the impact on their favorite NBA show.

Speculations and Predictions

Fans are actively speculating about the potential moves of other Inside the NBA personalities. While some believe that TNT may not let go of Ernie, others think Shaq could be more inclined to leave. The fate of Kenny remains uncertain, leaving many wondering about the future dynamic of the iconic crew.

Fans’ Preferences

With discussions about potential network changes in the air, fans are voicing their preferences for where they would like to see the Inside the NBA team land. Amazon is a popular choice among fans for its successful handling of similar transitions in the past, especially with high-profile personalities.

Amidst all the speculation, fans remain divided on whether the potential network switch would be a positive or negative development for the beloved NBA show. As Charles Barkley ponders his future at TNT, basketball enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome of this game-changing decision.