CFB25 Cover Athletes: Quinn Ewers, Travis Hunter, and Donovan Edwards

CFB25 covers spark mixed reactions, with fans debating the selection and potential curse.

CFB25 cover athletes Quinn Ewers, Travis Hunter, and Donovan Edwards have sparked quite the debate among fans after the release of the covers. Some are excited, while others question the choices.


  • Quinn Ewers’ lack of excitement compared to Travis and Donovan raises eyebrows.
  • Fans debate the potential impact of the video game cover curse on the athletes.
  • Suggestions for more recognizable cover athletes like Saban or Heisman winners are brought up.
  • Disagreements on the selection process and whether the covers accurately represent the sport.

Excitement vs. Indifference

One Reddit user noted, ‘Quinn looks so much less excited than Travis and Donovan,’ highlighting a difference in the athletes’ reactions to being on the cover.

Curse Concerns

The discussion over whether the video game cover curse affects all athletes equally or is more selective sparks curiosity among fans.

Recognizability Debate

Some fans argue that more recognizable figures like Saban or former Heisman winners should have been chosen for the covers due to their widespread appeal.

Productivity and Representation

Debates arise over the productivity of the chosen athletes and whether they accurately represent the sport, with some expressing dissatisfaction with the selection.

Cover controversies are nothing new in the world of video games, and it seems the release of the CFB25 covers has once again divided fans. While some are thrilled to see their favorite athletes featured, others question the choices made and joke about the infamous video game cover curse. The debate continues, with each fan bringing their unique perspective to the discussion.