Celebrating the Elusive First Birdie in Golf: A Triumph Worth Waiting For

After two years of toiling, hitting your first birdie in golf is sweeter than you can imagine!

Finally happened after nearly two years of playing golf!


  • Scoring a birdie after two years is a monumental feat in golf!
  • Congratulations flood in, with a mix of humor and genuine excitement from the community.
  • Some share tips on language usage, while others joke about the infamous black glove jinx.
  • The sense of achievement and camaraderie shines through the comments.
  • bupde

    One user humorously mistook the birdie announcement for a pregnancy test!


    Offering playful encouragement with a Batman reference to the unexpected par 6!


    This user congratulates while providing a refinement on using ‘made my first birdie.’


    A lighthearted comment on how a black glove seemingly cancels out the birdie luck!


    Expressing hope for many more birdies to come!