Celebrating Masterless Golfer with Custom Irons – A Sub70 Love Story

When life gives you lemons (or no Masters tickets), get yourself some sweet custom irons!

When life doesn’t give you Masters tickets, some golfers turn to custom irons for solace. Check out how one golfer celebrated the rejection with a shiny new set of clubs.


  • Turning disappointment into joy with custom irons
  • Deep dive into Sub70 irons love

Sub70: A Love Story

Sub70 irons seem to be the talk of the town among golfers, with many praising their quality and customization options. From quick delivery to exceptional customer service, it’s no wonder why these irons have captured the hearts of many players.

Golfer’s Delight

Despite missing out on Masters tickets, the OP found solace in their new set of custom irons. The shiny new clubs brought about excitement and joy, turning a potential letdown into a reason to celebrate.

Community Love

Comments flooded in with fellow golfers sharing their own experiences with Sub70 irons and expressing support for the OP’s choice. It’s heartwarming to see the golf community come together to celebrate each other’s wins, big or small.