Cavaliers Set to Trade Darius Garland if Donovan Mitchell Stays – Reddit Reactions

Cavaliers consider trading Darius Garland if Donovan Mitchell stays, sparking mixed reactions on Reddit.

After news of the Cavaliers potentially trading Darius Garland if Donovan Mitchell remains, the Reddit NBA community shared their thoughts on the decision and its implications.


  • Users debate whether sacrificing touches for Garland and Mitchell was worth it.
  • Belief in Garland’s potential despite challenges faced this season.
  • Concerns over Garland’s trade value and performance post-injury.
  • Community divided on the necessity of splitting the backcourt.
  • A Splintered Backcourt

    AmericanBeaver humorously highlights the dilemma: ‘Funny that the answer to “should they keep Garland or Sexton?” was “Keep Donovan Mitchell.”‘

    Fading Touches, Fading Results

    Moses_Lawn expresses disappointment in the underwhelming results despite attempts to share the ball more.

    Belief in Garland

    Dededelete49 remains optimistic about Garland’s potential contribution to a new team despite challenges this season.

    Final Thoughts

    The Cavaliers face a decisive moment in splitting their backcourt, eliciting mixed reactions from fans as they navigate the delicate balance of potential and performance.