Cavaliers Fans Chant ‘We Want Boston’ – A Playoffs Mood?

Cavaliers fans stir up some chants post-game. What’s the mood behind it all?

When emotions run high in sports, fans seem to have a mind of their own. A recent post on Reddit captures the fervor among Cavaliers fans as they chant, ‘We want Boston,’ after a game against Orlando.


  • Fans show support through chants, expressing their desires.
  • Players like Mitchell respond in amusing ways, igniting banter.
  • Some fans express skepticism, others see it as playful playoff atmosphere.

Cavaliers Fans’ Emotions

Cavs fans are on a rollercoaster of emotions, from excitement to doubt, as they project their hopes for the team in playful chants.

Player Reactions

Players like Mitchell from the opposing team react with humor, signifying the banter and competitive spirit in sports.

Fan Perspectives

While some fans view the chant with skepticism, others interpret it as a lighthearted tradition of playoff banter, emphasizing the joy in the moment.