Casey Stoney Responds to San Diego FC CEO About Top Level Football in America

Casey Stoney’s remarks spark debate on the top tier of football in the US among fans and experts.

Casey Stoney’s response to the San Diego FC CEO’s statement about bringing the top level of football to San Diego has stirred up conversations among fans and experts alike. Let’s dive into the Reddit post and see what the community has to say.


  • Debate over the top tier of football in the US sparks differing opinions among Reddit users.
  • MLS supporters argue for its dominance in American soccer, dismissing other leagues like NWSL.
  • Some fans criticize media coverage for neglecting teams like the San Diego Wave.

Debate on MLS vs. NWSL

Some users support MLS as the top-tier league in the US, citing viewership and statistics as evidence of its superiority over the NWSL. They believe that MLS deserves more recognition and respect compared to other soccer leagues in the country.

Criticism of Media Coverage

Several comments express dissatisfaction with media outlets for overlooking teams like the San Diego Wave in favor of focusing on San Diego FC. Users feel that the wave should receive more attention and acknowledgment in soccer-related discussions.

Community Sentiment

The community remains divided on the definition of the top-level football in America. While some advocate for MLS’s dominance, others highlight the importance of acknowledging all soccer teams, including those in the NWSL and lower-profile leagues. The debate reflects the diversity of opinions among soccer enthusiasts in the US.