Carson Wentz’s Stellar Throw: A Journey Down Memory Lane

Relive the moment when Carson Wentz dazzled with a stunning throw.

Delve into the electrifying moment when Carson Wentz showcased his talent in a standout play against the Seahawks in 2017. From MVP potential to career-altering injuries, the journey is filled with highs and lows. Let’s rewind the clock and savor this memorable toss!


  • One user reminisced how they believed Wentz would win MVP that season before an unfortunate injury.
  • Discussing the impact of injuries, another user highlighted how quickly a career trajectory can change.
  • Nostalgic Eagles fans fondly recalled pre-injury Wentz and his exceptional season.

Throwback Moments

“This is the throw where I legit thought he would win MVP that season. Not their best game but they entered 10-1 and I thought it was likely they’d win out and he’d still finish with the best season of a QB. Literally gets injured next game. It’s a shame he couldn’t return to this level,” shared one user.

Impact of Injuries

“2017 Carson Wentz. Crazy how an injury can just completely derail someone‚Äôs career like that,” commented a user on the swift turn of events post-injury.

Nostalgic Moments

“You ‘member pre-injury Wentz? I ‘member,” a user fondly recalled the pre-injury prowess of Wentz.

“Best Eagles QB season ever,” expressed another user, showcasing admiration for Wentz’s exceptional performance.

Users reflected on the unpredictability of sports and the fleeting nature of success, highlighting the boundless potential that Wentz possessed.