Can You Birdie Every Hole in 24 Hours?

Could you birdie all 18 holes at your local? Play any hole, as many times as you like, in 24 hours.

In a hypothetical discussion, golfers ponder if they can birdie every hole on their local course in just 24 hours.


  • Golfers debate the feasibility of birdieing all 18 holes in 24 hours.
  • Some believe it’s achievable with strategic planning and skill.
  • Others express doubt due to the difficulty of specific holes on their course.


PunkyMcGrift doubts achieving the feat in 24 hours, citing personal experience and course challenges.


WhatSaidSheThatIs questions the rules, asking if multiple shots are allowed off the tee.


CakesRacer522 feels exhaustion would impede success, estimating 2-3 days for completion.


Andeyh, having birdied every hole but one, deems the task impossible for them.

As golfers share their thoughts, the consensus leans towards the difficulty but offers strategies and optimism for the challenge ahead.