Can NDSU Upset Colorado? Reddit Fans Weigh In

Reddit users debate if NDSU can pull off an upset against Colorado in a college football match.

Reddit users are buzzing about the potential upset of NDSU against Colorado in an upcoming college football match.


  • NDSU has a historical track record of beating strong FBS teams.
  • Colorado’s weak rushing defense from last year raises concerns among fans.
  • Debates around bias and negative energy affect predictions for the game.
  • Colorado being the favorite with unpredictability adds to the uncertainty.

Positive Sentiment Towards NDSU’s Chances

Some users like Ugaalive1991 are ready for the entertainment value, stating, “Probably not but I am here for the memes if they do.”

FarwellRob humorously encourages a big bet, showcasing optimism with, “If I were you, I’d bet your house on it.”

Negative Sentiment Towards NDSU’s Chances

On the other hand, ForeverGatekeeping expresses skepticism, emphasizing NDSU’s potential inadequacy compared to their past strength.

udubdavid highlights Colorado’s talent advantage, indicating a probable outcome in their favor.

Uncertainty and Outside Factors

Some users like PaddyMayonaise acknowledge a desire for an NDSU victory for fun but lean towards Colorado’s probable win, tying in future matches for context.

Klaassy23 notes the betting odds while mentioning the plausibility of an NDSU victory despite Colorado’s status as a favorite.