Can I Serve Like This? Pickleball Players Debating the Legitimacy of a Unique Serving Position

Pickleball players discuss a player’s unique serving position and whether it complies with the rules.

When a pickleball player shared a drawing of an unconventional serving position, the community had mixed reactions. Some admired the illustration, while others questioned its legality.


  • Community divided over unconventional serving style
  • Debate on legality of the drawn position
  • Compliments on the detailed illustration
  • Suggestions for selling artwork as NFT

Positive Reactions

Some users praised the artwork, with comments like, “Fantastic illustration,” and “Top tier artistry.” The attention to detail, such as the foot shadow, was appreciated by many.

Negative Reactions

Others questioned the legality of the serving position, suggesting consulting a surgeon for the left leg or comparing the move to the Crane technique from martial arts.

Humorous Responses

Humor was not lacking, with suggestions to sell the painting as an NFT, comparing the shorts in the drawing to Walmart shorts, and creating a new group rule of drawing pictures for questions.

The community’s humor and scrutiny provide a unique insight into the pickleball community’s passion and attention to detail.