Can Harry Kane Beat Robert Lewandowski’s Bundesliga Record?

Harry Kane is aiming to surpass Lewandowski’s record. Can he do it?

Harry Kane has set his sights on breaking Robert Lewandowski’s Bundesliga goals record. Despite the challenge, fans are optimistic about his chances. Let’s dive into the discussion!


  • Fans believe Kane’s feat at Bayern is remarkable.
  • Kane needs 6 goals in 3 games to set a new record.
  • Some fans think it’s very difficult but not impossible.

Excitement in the Air

As Harry Kane inches closer to Lewandowski’s record, fans are buzzing with excitement. The unexpected success Kane has had in his first season at Bayern has left everyone in awe.

The Challenge Ahead

While fans acknowledge the difficulty of the task, they also express confidence in Kane’s abilities. The upcoming fixtures present a tough challenge, but Kane’s skill and determination could make the impossible possible.

Fan Optimism

Despite the formidable opposition Kane will face, fans remain optimistic about his chances. His previous performances and goal-scoring prowess have instilled faith in supporters that he can achieve the remarkable.

Harry Kane’s pursuit of greatness in the Bundesliga has captured the imagination of fans worldwide. With the record within reach, all eyes will be on Kane as he aims to etch his name in the history books.