Callaway RAZR X Black Driver

Good Morning – TGIF! Hope everyone had a wonderful week, today we have another review for you. The Callaway RAZR X Black Driver combines a sleek look with user-friendly performance. Here’s our take on it.


callaway razr black

The Callaway RAZR X Black driver features a sleek aerodynamic design with a glossy black finish.  The crown utilizes a red alignment aid.  In fact, the lines actually remind me of the TaylorMade Burner (2008) design from a few years ago.  The RAZR X Black is a 460 cc forged composite club head with a slightly open club face.  However, the face angle directly correlates to the loft of the driver.  The lower lofted drivers are slightly open and the higher lofted drivers are slightly closed.  The RAZR X Black has looks easy to hit and the glossy finish gives the club an elegant and stylish appearance.  The RAZR X Black rates 9 out of 10 in terms of appearance.


I tested the Callaway 9.5° RAZR X Black with a stock Fujikura Motore F8 stiff shaft.  I found the RAZR X Black an extremely easy club to hit.  Callaway designed the RAZR X Black with no adjustable features.  The RAZR X Black produces a high ball flight and relatively straight shots.  The club is very consistent.  Nearly all shots produced a straight shot or slight fade.  The RAZR X Black delivered an average distance for most shots.  Off center hits on the heel or toe were still decent shots,resulting in a slight loss of distance.  Other drivers might produce longer shots or allow you more control in terms of ball flight.  However, the best way to describe the RAZR X Black is easy and consistent.  The driver is perfect for someone who just wants to set up and swing rather than tinker with a bunch of adjustments.  Performance rates 8 out of 10.


The Callaway RAZR X Black driver offers plenty of forgiveness.  Impact produces a solid crack, rather than the dull and muted sound of previous models.  The weight of the club feels nice.  In fact, I thought the driver was lighter than the actual swing weight of D5.  Impact feels good and the off center hits still travel well.  It is an all-round solid performing club from Callaway and rates 8 out of 10.


The appearance, feel, performance and sound of the RAZR X Black is solid.  While most drivers carry a retail value of $299 or higher, the RAZR X Black reverses the trend with a retail value of $249.99.  In addition, players will enjoy the simplicity of the RAZR X Black.  The lack of adjustments make it user friendly.  If you want a club that easily gets the job done the RAZR X Black is definitely worth considering.  The value of the RAZR X Black rates 10 out of 10 for the less expensive price tag and above average performance.

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