Building Yoga Community: Beyond Asana Classes and Lululemon

From social events to volunteer opportunities, find out how yoga studios build community beyond the mat!

Explore how yoga studios create community beyond Asana classes and Lululemon gear. Get insights from real practitioners sharing their experiences and connections within their yoga spaces. Discover the varied ways studios foster a sense of belonging and unity in the practice.


  • Yoga studios go beyond physical practice to offer social events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities to build community.
  • Studios host themed classes, book clubs, donation-based classes, and even sound baths to create diverse experiences.
  • Community-focused studios prioritize inclusivity, offering pop-up classes, outdoor sessions, and events like Pride parades to celebrate diversity.

Making Connections

Beyond the post-savasana epiphanies, practitioners share how studios organize social events, workshops on women’s health, and even themed classes. These initiatives aim to foster closer bonds among practitioners, creating opportunities for friendship beyond the mat.

Diverse Offerings

From sound baths to clothes swaps, donation-based classes to wellness workshops, yoga studios offer an array of activities to cater to different interests. These varied experiences enhance the sense of community and provide avenues for personal growth.

Inclusivity and Unity

Inclusive practices such as community classes for LGBTQ+ individuals, pop-up sessions, and participation in events like Pride parades showcase a commitment to diversity and unity within yoga spaces. Creating a welcoming environment is essential for building a strong and supportive community.

By embracing inclusivity, offering diverse experiences, and fostering meaningful connections, yoga studios transcend the physical practice to create holistic spaces that nurture both body and soul. The sense of community and belonging fostered within these spaces enhances the overall yoga experience, making it more than just a fitness routine.