Bubba’s Hover Craft

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At first glance this looked like a late April Fool’s joke, but Oakley and Bubba Watson have teamed together to reinvent the golf cart – and build the first hovercart.  While they don’t expect the trend to catch-on, and were actually just using this as a marketing stunt to promote their partnership, you have to hand it to them for their creativity.  We all know Bubba isn’t exactly against extravagant things (like the half a million dollar watch on his wrist), this hovercart seems like par for the course. As convenient as Bubba claims it to be in the video you’ll watch below, I think driving this thing would be akin to those who push those small wheeled pull carts instead of pulling them – it would go anywhere but straight.

I also don’t see the USGA budging on their cart ban on Tour for the likes of a hovercart either.  If anything, this cart give us a glimpse into the game of golf without such overheard phrases like, “cart path only”, “90 degree rule”, or “walking-only today”.  Well played Bubba and Oakley, well played!  Enjoy the video below.


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