Bryson DeChambeau’s 3D Printed Irons: Revolutionary or Repulsive?

Discover the controversial world of Bryson DeChambeau’s 3D printed irons and why golfers have mixed feelings!

Get a glimpse of Bryson DeChambeau’s unconventional 3D printed irons that have the golf community buzzing with excitement and skepticism!


  • Opinions on Bryson’s new 3D printed irons range from admiration to disgust.
  • Golfers laud Bryson’s innovation but critique the aesthetics of the irons.
  • Some long for the traditional days of blade irons and persimmon woods.

Unconventional Design

Golfers express mixed feelings about the curvature and appearance of Bryson’s 3D printed irons. While some find them innovative and intriguing, others deem them unattractive and unconventional for the sport.

Nostalgic Yearning

Several golf enthusiasts reminisce about the classic era of blade irons and persimmon woods, suggesting a return to traditional equipment to emphasize ball striking skills over technological advancements.

Bryson’s Innovation

Despite the divisiveness, many applaud Bryson DeChambeau for his daring approach to golf equipment design and continuous pursuit of pushing boundaries in the sport.