Browns Players Celebrate Charity Softball Game Win Against Grandma

Browns players take charity softball game win against grandma to the next level. Fans react in amusement and awe.

In a charity softball game, Browns players celebrated their win against an old lady, sparking a mix of humorous and amazed reactions from fans.


  • Fans amused by Browns players’ excitement over beating an old lady in a charity game.
  • Spectators speculate on whether the event was planned for grandma’s sake.
  • Some fans find the situation hilariously ironic, adding to the comedic value.
  • Myles Garrett nearly tagging out grandma adds a surprising twist to the game.


“Haslam asked his grandma about it and she said it was okay.” – justlookingokaywyou

“You can’t throw granny a heater down the middle like that. You have to start with the chin music and then work your way across the plate.” – SwoleBuddha

“I’m thinking this was planned because nobody wanted grandma to have to run the bases, including grandma herself.” – Black_Velvet_Band

“Greatest generation my ass” – storm-father87