Breaking News: Seahawks Agree on Record Contract with Byron Murphy II

Seahawks break the bank with Byron Murphy II’s mind-boggling contract deal.

Seahawks fans are buzzing with excitement as the team has reached an agreement with No. 16 overall pick Byron Murphy II on a hefty contract. The news has sparked a mix of astonishment and humor among the Reddit community.


  • The astronomical figure of the contract sparks disbelief and amusement among users.
  • Queries arise regarding the validity of the contract amount, leading to playful banter.
  • Discussions on the guaranteed nature of rookie contracts and its evolution over time.
  • An intriguing observation on the intriguing coincidence of Byron Murphy Jr. and Byron Murphy II in NFL.

User Reactions

Some users expressed disbelief, like Dicey12 who humorously advised keeping Murphy away from ATVs. Another user, Fsharp7sharp9, couldn’t believe the hefty sum of $16 million, calling it a lot of cheddar.

The $16 Trillion Confusion

Correct_Ad9471 raised eyebrows with the mistaken mention of $16 trillion, prompting comedic responses like Secret_Pick6524 jesting about the Broncos taking on such a mammoth contract.

The Rookie Contract Revelation

Siennagiant70 sparked a debate on the evolution of rookie contracts by questioning the full guarantee nature of the deal. This led to users wondering about the historic context of such contracts.

The Byron Murphy Conundrum

CliffsOfMohair brought an intriguing angle to the discussion by highlighting the uncanny existence of both Byron Murphy Jr. and Byron Murphy II in the NFL. This coincidence led to playful comparisons akin to JFK/Lincoln conspiracy theories.

The announcement of Byron Murphy II’s contract with the Seahawks stirred a pot of speculation, humor, and astonishment among Reddit users, showcasing the passionate and witty nature of NFL fans.