Breaking 80 in Golf: A Journey to Success on the Par 72 Course

Shot 77 after going bogey-bogey on 17-18. Check out the exciting journey to breaking 80!

AdlandB shared their experience of breaking 80 for the first time on a par 72 course, shooting 77 after going bogey-bogey on 17-18. The post has garnered an enthusiastic response from fellow golf enthusiasts.


  • Golfers congratulated AdlandB on their achievement and offered support for the next goal.
  • Comments highlighted impressive shots, such as the second shot with a hybrid and a remarkable putt.
  • Some users inquired about AdlandB’s playing experience and whether they took lessons to improve their game.

Celebrating Achievement

Commenters like Javi702 and MVPhurricane celebrated AdlandB’s success and camaraderie in the golfing community. The positive vibes reflected the supportive nature of golf enthusiasts towards milestones like breaking 80.

Impressive Shots

Users like Zestyclose-Middle717 and EightFiveAte praised specific shots, acknowledging the skill and technique displayed by AdlandB during their round. The golfing community appreciates and recognizes good play when they see it.

Engaging with the Community

FunDayRed’s question about AdlandB’s golfing background and lessons sparked a conversation about improving skills and seeking guidance within the community. Golfers value the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences.