Breaking 80 from the Whites – Does it Count?

Debating the significance of scoring under 80 from the white tees in golf. What do the golf gods say?

Discussing whether breaking 80 from the white tees counts in golf and what the community thinks. Is it a major achievement or just another round?


  • Is breaking 80 more about the score or the challenge?
  • Community sentiment favors celebrating breaking 80 regardless of tee choice.
  • Arguments for playing off the appropriate tees to improve pace of play.

Fan Reactions

Many golfers believe that breaking 80 is a significant achievement, irrespective of tee choice. Some argue that moving back can enhance the challenge, while others advocate for playing from appropriate tees for faster rounds. The debate continues within the golfing community.

Achievement vs. Tradition

For some, golf is a game of traditions and challenges. Breaking 80 from any tee signifies skill and success, while others emphasize the importance of playing from the right tees to maintain the integrity of the course and speed up the game.

Community Consensus

Overall, the majority opinion leans towards celebrating breaking 80 from the white tees. Golfers appreciate the accomplishment regardless of tee color, emphasizing the personal achievement over traditional norms.