Breakdown of Thiem’s Old Photo from When He Had It All

A humorous look at a photo capturing Thiem in his prime and the mixed reactions from fans.

A post featuring a photo of Thiem in his prime sparks diverse reactions among fans, ranging from admiration to criticism.


  • Fans split on humor vs. disrespect in the caption.
  • Comments showcase admiration for Thiem’s style and patriotism.
  • Debate rages on Thiem’s form and play.

Thiem’s Unique Style

Some fans praised Thiem’s fashionable choices and on-court flair, appreciating his individuality and national pride.

Mixed Reactions to Caption

Opinions diverged on the caption, with some finding it funny while others deemed it disrespectful given Thiem’s injury.

Debating Thiem’s Form

Discussions arose on Thiem’s playing style, with contrasting views on his technique and effectiveness on the court.

A photo capturing a moment of Thiem’s career incites a wide range of reactions, showcasing the diverse perspectives of tennis fans.