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Break Your Best Series : Breaking Par

In this stage of your golf game, you’ve already established a pretty reliable and dependable swing. This is paramount in getting your game to the next level. You have the game to take risks, make birdies, but can still have a blow-up hole or two on occasion. At this stage, the key to is simply to reduce your mistakes, stay level-headed and the scores will come. Here’s some extra tips to get you there, many of which are all on the course played between your ears.

Find & Work on Your Weaknesses
This is our first point for a reason. Like most people at this stage of the game you likely have a pretty good handle on all shots a golf course can throw at you. But the truth is, your game still does have weaknesses, and you may have to put your ego aside to become aware of them. Whether it be your accuracy off the tee, your iron play, your chipping, sand play or lag putting, we all have parts of our game that we can work on to shave strokes off our score.

Learn To Work the Ball Every Which Way
You’re shot shape already likely has a pretty distinct bend to it, either a fade or draw, but to truly take your game to the next level you better be able to work the ball every which way on command. Whether thats to hit it high, know down, fade, draw, slice or hook, practicing and using these shots can you out of trouble, over trees, around obstacles and on to the greens to help you score.

One Hole At a Time – Forget Your Score
You are going to be your biggest enemy on the course. Knowing your score and thinking about it, will only get you into trouble. Simply focus on playing one hole at a time, every time. Keep your thoughts on the task at hand, and your scores will begin to drop.

Play The Hole in Your Head, Play Smart
Thoroughly thinking out your plan of attack for each hole as you’re about to play it, and taking in to account all of the elements in play is the best way to get you to break par. Thinking of the wind, elevation changes, slopes, the trees, bunkers, the pin position, every single shot to the green, and know when to take risks and when to play conservatively.

Be humble, & positive
You’ll have good luck on the course, and bad – good bounces and bad… the sooner you realize and accept this, the better off you’ll be. Keep a level head about the good and the bad, and you’ll be surprised how it’ll impact your score throughout the round.

Got any more tips to add for this iconic scoring barrier? We’d love to hear it. Share your thoughts in the comments below, and good luck.

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  1. Play your game one shot at a time is great advice and is one of the things I tell all of my golfers. But it’s often really hard to do when things aren’t going well. We start doubting ourselves, our ability, even why we bother to play golf.

    But the reality is, every golfer has had great shots, they just forget about it (especially when things aren’t going well). Imagine playing golf when before every shot, you saturate your mind with your greatest successes. You can do that by creating what I call a Success Book – a list of your successes – that you can refer to every time you need a positive boost. It’s a great tool and can help you play better and enjoy golf more.

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