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Break Your Best Series : Breaking 90

This group of players is likely a weekly player, possibly playing in a league each week. Otherwise someone who just loves the game, and you don’t take things too seriously. If you’re an avid golfer hitting the range regularly already, you’re well on your way to breaking this 90 barrier, here’s some tips to help you get over the hump.

Stay In Play, Reduce Penalties
To break 90, you need to reduce your penalties, whether that be putting the ball into difficult spots after being too aggressive, or OB and water hazards. Even the rough can penalize you unnecessarily. If you’re looking to break into the 80’s, your goal for each round should be to reduce penalties and keep the ball in play at all costs. Play smart golf. Aim for the middle of greens, lay-up if required, hit irons off the tees, err on the side of caution at all times.

Get rid of the driver
Everyone loves hitting the big stick off the tee, its an ego-boost… for the most part. It also is one of the hardest clubs to hit, and for many 90’s shooters, an often cause of a bad hole. You’d be surprised how removing the driver from your bag can help lower your score. Your 3-wood has the loft you likely should be using from the tee, will help keep the ball in play, and is much easier to hit. Try a round with a 3-wood, honestly, you’d be surprised how it can help your game for the better.

Try hybrids
Likely in this stage of your golf game, long irons are some of the toughest clubs in your bag to hit. Whether this be because of their lack of loft, lack of confidence in them, or your inability to put the required swing on them, it doesn’t really matter. This makes any short from 170 yards out a difficult one. You may want to consider giving hybrids a shot, they can give you the distance you need, with the added height and spin you need to control the ball and keep it in play.

Have a go-to club
Confidence if everything at this stage of your golf game. Find a club in your bag that you love, and make this your go-to when you’re having a bad stretch, or simply have to keep the ball in play. Plan holes out so you can use this club as much as possible. You’d be surprised how much relying on one club can help your game if you have confidence in it.

Be Humble
Be aware that you’re going to have bad holes, and you’re going to hit bad shots. These aren’t going to ruin your score, they are apart of your game. Take your lumps as you get them, but focus on making your next shot better. Don’t be a hero, get the ball in play, and keep it there. If you get too greedy, you’ll find you’ll never break your scoring barrier. Keep the ball in play, keep a level head, and you’ll get there.

At this stage of your golf game, its almost a certainty that your putter needs some work. It’s incredibly common at this stage to suffer from deceleration on the putting greens, especially with short putts. It may be tough to spot at first, but I can almost guarantee you, that this plagues your putting stroke if you miss short ones often. Hit the putting green, and work on short putts, but specifically on accelerrating towards the hole, you’ll be surprised at how easy this fault can sneak into you game and inflate your scores. Eliminate it, and you’ll be well on your way to breaking 90.


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  1. Great article. What I have found with golfers starting out is that their good shots don’t become that much better, it is the bad shots that become fewer as they gain consistency.
    The main key to lowering the handicap rapidly is by improving the short game. As you mentioned, keep the ball in play and this, combined with work on your short game will see your scores will improve dramatically.

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