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Break Your Best Series: Break 100

No matter the golfer. We all have a scoring barrier that continues to elude us. Whether your relatively new to the game and fighting to break 100, or you’re a scratch player trying to finally beat your best round that’s eluded you for many years, there’s a way to take your game to the next level. Surprisingly as well, depending on what level you’re trying to break, there are specific things that each and every golfer will face in attempts to break down these barrier, and they are universal to all golfers everywhere. Working on these parts of you game will help you break down these barriers, and walk over the rubble on to your best games ever. This post covers many specific parts of the game that plague golfers of all levels. Let’s get to it.

Breaking 100
If you’re in this group, it’s likely you’re a weekend golfer or new to the game. Nothing wrong with that, but if you’re truly looking to improve your game, these tips will help get you there. In order to break 100, you need to re-think your idea of par. For you, pars are birdies, bogeys are pars, and doubles are bogeys. In order to break 100, you can get 9 doubles, and 9 bogeys to shoot a 99 (on a par 72 course). Sounds doable right? Here’s how to get you there.

Hit the Range
No matter what you may think, your swing is inconsistent. In order to have any hope of breaking down your score barrier, you need to have a reliable swing. Hitting the range will help you hone your swing, and get a sense of your natural ball flight. This swing and ball flight (likely a slice) is your go-to on the course. Trust it.

Develop a Pre-Shot Routine
From your driver to your putter, develop a pre-shot routine by practicing it at the range. Don’t just whack balls one after another, take the time to actual practice, and not just warm up. This routine then needs to be transitioned out on the course. Your pre-shot routine should take into account your lie, the elements in play, your club choice, and time for you mind to focus.

Learn To Play From The Sand
If you can’t get out of the sand in one shot, the first time, every time. You need to work on your sand game. Forget the hole, and get your ball back into play. Learning the proper way to escape a bunker is an essential part of the game. Become comfortable with it, and start shaving some strokes off your game by reducing how much these bunkers penalize you.

Learn To Play From the Rough
If you’re struggling to break 100, you likely spend more than half your game in the rough. But yet, its most likely you practice from pristine fairway lies. The only way you will get your game to the next level is to understand how to play from the rough, and how the rough can effect your ball. The most important tip I can give you here is this – if you’re in the rough, get your ball back in play on your next shot, even if that means hitting it backwards.

Learn The Bump & Run
This handy little shot will save 5-10 strokes a round easy if you’ve got no short game. It’s basically a putting stroke with a 7-iron.  It’s incredibly simple, hard to screw up, and very effective at getting the ball close to the hole around the greens. Hit the chipping green and practice it religiously so you’re comfortable using it on the course. One pro tip? Follow-through, do NOT dig the club into the turf, your job is simply to sweep the ball of the grass.

That’s it. These 5 simple tips will get in you passed this score barrier in a hurry.

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