Bouchard Tries to Tap Out While Ekblad Chokes Him – Hockey Reddit Drama

Hockey fans debate the line between aggressive play and going too far in the heat of the game.

Hockey fans delve into the controversial moment when Bouchard seemed to tap out while Ekblad maintained a chokehold.


  • Fans divided over the sportsmanship of Ekblad’s actions
  • Debate on the boundaries of physical play in hockey
  • Reflection on historical versus modern hockey culture

Fans’ Reactions

Hockey enthusiasts express discomfort with Ekblad’s intense move, highlighting a blurred line between aggression and sportsmanship in the game.

Emotions Running High

Comments portray a mix of outrage and nostalgia, with some reminiscing about a rougher era in hockey history and others condemning the act as too far in today’s context.

Expert Opinion

A former Jiu Jitsu practitioner emphasizes the importance of respecting signals like tapping out, warning about the potential dangers of such reckless behavior on the ice.