Blue Jays Infielder’s Surprising Batting Average – Hot or Not?

Find out if the Blue Jays’ infielder’s batting average is a hit or a miss in this compelling analysis.

Users on Reddit are abuzz about the Blue Jays infielder’s surprising batting average this season. Is it enough to ignite the team’s performance?


  • Top MLB stars such as Bichette and Judge are off to a cold start this season.
  • 2024 seems to be a strange year for batting averages.
  • Some users express skepticism and disappointment in the player’s performance.


Many users find it fascinating how prominent players like Bichette and Judge are struggling at the plate despite their talent. The consensus is that this season has been unusual in terms of player performance, with many established stars underperforming.


One user expressed skepticism, stating, ‘Spoiler alert: it’s not good.’ This sentiment reflects the general pessimism surrounding the player’s current batting average and raises concerns about their impact on the team’s overall performance.

Improvement Opportunities

Another user highlighted the importance of the player improving not only their batting average but also their fielding skills. Making accurate throws to first base is seen as a crucial area for development before focusing solely on hitting.