Blade vs. Mallet Putter: Golfers Share Their Insights

Discover what golfers love and loathe about switching to a blade putter in the reddit golf community.

One golfer finally switches to a blade putter after using a mallet for years, sparking mixed reactions among fellow golfers. Let’s dive into the discussion!


  • Transitioning from a mallet to a blade putter is a common but debated move.
  • Golfers praise the aesthetics of blade putters but struggle with putting consistency.
  • Adjustable weights in blade putters are highlighted for personalized performance.
  • Gamers express preferences for Mizuno clubs’ visual appeal and functionality.

Golfer’s Impressions

One golfer shares, ‘I love my new blade, wish I’d made the jump sooner. Putting with a mallet feels like hitting a boulder without feedback.’

Adjustment and Adaptation

Another comment mentions, ‘Blade putters offer great aesthetics, but my putting game suffers. Mizuno allows fine-tuning for the desired stroke.’

Mizuno’s Allure

Golfers admire Mizuno’s visually striking clubs, stating, ‘Mizuno nails every club they release. Even if not gaming them, I love looking at Mizuno clubs.’

What are your thoughts on the blade vs. mallet putter debate? Share below!