Big Bertha Alpha Driver

Yes, folks, the Big Bertha is back.  From it’s hayday in 1997 when it became the first oversize driver mass-marketed to the public… and now, this new version – the Alpha, recently released, is actually an innovation in the golf industry.  Kudos Callaway.  This driver has all the bells and whistles, like loft and face adjustability (8-ways), new innovations with their Gravity Core, and older innovations like slider weight tech (look out TayloreMade’s SLDR), and not to mention a premium Fubuki shaft.  The biggest innovation in this driver is the Gravity Core that allows the golfer to shift the center of gravity of the driver to effect both launch and spin rates (300-600RPM differences). Furthermore, being able to move COG helps improve how the club responds on off-center hits, and your ability to work the ball. Very cool stuff!

With all this said, the pricetag is back up where the original R7 driver was at at the $500 mark for this beauty. This is quite the statement considering top drivers these days are in the $400 range.  Go get them Callaway – I’m sure this will be on a bunch of Christmas shopping lists this holiday season.

This new driver comes in two different versions. The Big Bertha ($400) is available in three basic lofts (9, 10.5 and 13.5HT) and the lower-spinning Big Bertha Alpha (with the gravity core) ($500) is available in two basic lofts (9, 10.5). Both drivers are expected to be in the market in mid-February.

Enjoy pictures below! Plenty more over at MyGolfSpy and more info can be found here.

CallyBBAlpha-thumb-460x675-107585 CallyBB-thumb-460x613-107583 2014-Big-Bertha-105


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  1. Just saw this new driver recently online and really like it. It looks a much better design than Callaway’s other recent models and hopefully performance wise will be an improvement.

    Can’t wait to try it out in February for it’s release.

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