Bettinardi 2014 Putter Line-Up

Hey everyone, and happy holidays! Today we’ve got the new 2014 Bettinardi line-up to share with you. Below you’ll find images and descriptions from their catalogue of their entire line-up. Enjoy!


BB1 Putter

Crafted for those who expect a timeless design, the BB1 embodies the tradition of a classic heel toe weighted blade. The soft bumpers and definitive muscles make this the time-honored Bettinardi putter. This BB Series staple has an elongated neck with light mill marks displaying the craftsmanship that goes into making every Bettinardi. The Hyper-Honeycomb face on all BB Series Models is essential, recognized worldwide as our trademark in putting feel, and superior look.
bb1 putter bettinardi

BB1F Putter

The BB1F includes a neck that is ridge-milled and fades right into the head of the putter itself; allowing for a conventional smoothed out stroke. The appearance at address of this highly desired model is pure, flowing down to the shaft, while keeping your focus on the ball without any distractions. The slightly displaced Bettinardi text to the right side of the pocket gives all the BB Series putters a striking designer appeal.

BB32 Putter

Mallet aficionados look out! The BB32 is your answer to a traditional looking, plumber’s neck mallet. The long sight line and rare flange design is what makes this putter a confidence builder to your golf game. Looking down at the topline gives you the gratification and assurance you demand while holding this handsome mallet.

bb32-putter BB43 Putters

A Bettinardi tradition stemming back to the Millennium Series, the BB43 comes out of the vault to strum the Bettinardi chord of precision, performance, and excellence. This true center shafted and perfectly face-balanced putter is also proudly emblazoned with Made in the USA on the sole. You can feel the confidence flowing through your hands with this lustrous heel toe weighted design.

BB55 Putters

Brand new to the 2014 line, the BB55 is a truly one of a kind, ultra-forgiving MOI mallet milled from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. The distinctive rear weight plugs move discretionary weight to the extreme back of the putter head allowing for a more stable stroke. The smooth rolling side panels, including the cut out in the middle of the body, and the triple vertical sightlines, help focus all of your attention on the target at hand. In addition to the Hyper-Honeycomb face, we milled over the face again adding our F.I.T. (Feel Impact Technology) face which delivers an even softer feel, and stronger feedback on those rare mishits. The finishing touch is assembled with a fly-milled, red anodized insert. Advance your confidence with this impeccably engineered work of art, designed by Bettinardi and the finest team of American craftsmen.

Counterbalance Technology

The Bettinardi counterbalance models are offered as another alternative to the anchored putting stroke. The purpose of our counterbalanced putters is to move the overall balance point of the club closer to the hands of the player. The weight is added by extending the shaft and grip by 3 inches which adds 42 additional grams. We then increase the putter head by the same amount, 42 grams to 395 grams, in essence countering the weight on each end of the putter. This weighting technique boosts the club’s overall moment of inertia (MOI), so that it swings and feels more stable than ever. The three models available in counterbalance are the BB1 for traditionalists, the BB32 for mallet lovers, and for those looking for the most forgiving head we suggest the BB55, a distinctive MOI putter.

Studio Stock 12

Golfers with a slight arc to their stroke looking for a mature wide-body blade, look no further! The Studio Stock 12 has a very simple design with the neck being brought slightly off center, making for a wonderful setup at address. All of the Studio Stock Series feature our wildly popular Corona Black PVD finish which glistens in the sun giving an unforgettable rainbow effect when looking down at the putter.

Studio Stock 14

PGA Tour proven with multiple victories, the Studio Stock 14 is an enduring model that is designed to allow the golfer to hit up on the ball, fashioning a firm impact throughout the putting stroke. The top line was increased on the SS14 to allow the golf ball to gently float above the top line of the putter, giving you the best picturesque access to the ball bound to go in the hole. The Studio Stock Series comprises the mesmerizing Hextagonal F.I.T. (Feel-Impact- Technology) face. This face, which removes 55% of the material from the face of the putter, ultimately results in a buttery soft feel at impact.

Studio Stock 15

A double bend and face balanced mallet, the Studio Stock 15 is one of our most forgiving models yet, with just the right amount of weight displacement towards the perimeter. The four swooping flanges along with a half oval shaped head make it easy on the eyes, helping you focus on the task at hand. The lively, energetic orange paint scheme on the Studio Stock Series is sure to impress; giving you the poise and confidence needed to make that
crucial putt to win it all.

Queen Bee Model 3 Putter

The rich, cashmere bronze finish on the Queen B 3 is what makes this series so popular. The Micro Honeycomb face is
unique to Bettinardi putters through the evolution of our own machining capabilities. This shoe shaped mallet with a thick toe and trailing edge provides a distinctive and attractive appearance. The extended spud neck on the Queen B Model 3 creates a graceful offset that frames the ball in the most alluring way.

Queen B Model 5 Putter

The elegant frame on this traditional style blade makes the Queen B Model 5 a must for those seeking a graceful putter with a heavier head at 360 grams. The compact design with its raised shoulders provides great weight displacement for perimeter weighting. The golden headcover and white grip certainly complete the look of this glamorous putter. The aesthetics of the Queen B series putters is a nice compliment to any golfer’s bag.

Kuchar Model 1

This putter was designed with direct input from 6-time PGA Tour Champion Matt Kuchar. Bob Bettinardi and Matt Kuchar teamed up for a collaboration that would change the way people putted. The Kuchar Model 1 arm lock is the same putter that Matt has made famous on the PGA Tour with 2 wins in 2013. The Model 1 is a beautifully crafted, wide-body blade that features our tour proven FIT Face technology. The Meridian Blue finish gives the Kuchar Models a rainbow effect in the pocket that is sure to turn heads. The arm lock model is best used when the butt-end of the grip is placed 2 inches below the left forearm, and the right wrist is hinged into the grip of the club. This is meant to promote an extremely stable stroke, eliminating the wrists and hands from getting involved especially on the short putts. With the Anchoring ban set to take effect January 1st, 2016, the Kuchar Models will remain 100% legal says Mike Davis, Executive Director of the USGA. “Here you have a player that actually has the end of the club resting against his forearm. We would consider this NOT an anchored stroke. We are deeming this to be really the way the player is gripping the club. For those that follow the PGA Tour, this is a stroke that Matt Kuchar has
used the last several years”.

Kuchar Model 2

A soft pear-shaped mallet with a double tier that exudes confidence at address, the Kuchar Model 2 is Matt’s second design in this line of putters. The wider flange and longer sightline helps frame the ball, which promotes an unwavering stroke for determined accuracy. The 2.5 shaft offset and 7 degrees of loft is what makes the arm lock models unique and able to produce the steady stroke that is most desired. According to Kuchar, the arm lock putting style works best when right-handed golfers dominate the stroke with their left arms. The best way to practice this, he says, is to take the right hand off the putter and hit putts with the left arm only. These models are also available in standard length with 1 shaft of offset and 3 degrees of loft.

Signature Series 7

The Signature Series Models are the avid golfer’s favorites in design, performance, and exceptional feel. The Signature 7 is a tribute to Robert’s father, Donald Bettinardi. Made from Double Aged Stainless Steel (D.A.S.S.), this double-bend shafted, face balanced putter provides a more stable stroke with a traditional look. The tour blast finish creates a beautiful matte appearance for ultimate playability. The Signature Series are made with a limited run and have been the crown jewel of our production offering.

Signature Series 8

The Signature 8 can best be described using the word “masterpiece”. This classic Bettinardi putter has a hosel
which slants slightly, setting up for the picturesque address. This heel-toe weighted putter is designed with a strong pedigree, offering the highest level of performance. Our classic honeycomb face and standard length plumber’s neck are also key features. The tour blast finish on the Signature 8 creates a durable, lasting matte appearance that will retain its color and feel forever. The Signature Series are made with a limited run and have been the crown jewel of our production offering.

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